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Alamosa School District

Our Vision: A partnership of life-long learners empowered to reach their greatest potential.
Our mission is to maintain a culture of educational excellence that:
  • Promotes exemplary academic success
  • Develops confidence and abilities to embrace the challenges of a rapidly changing world
  • Encourages personal growth
  • Nurtures individual talents
  • Fosters a culture of respect that values and celebrates diversity
  • Provides a safe and healthy environment

 Guiding Principles
  1. School professionals accept responsibility for effective instruction of all students.
  2. Staff will engage in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).
  3. School improvement will emphasize the utilization of best practice.
  4. School administrators as efficient managers and effective instructional leaders.

Notice: All public records, including the Consolidated Federal Programs, are available for review during regular business hours at the District Office, 209 Victoria Ave., Alamosa, CO.

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